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Laminate gives you a floor covering you deserve

There are so many reasons to consider laminate for your next flooring project, it only makes sense to give it a few minutes of your time in research. This material is extremely versatile, offering a gorgeous appearance that mimics many natural resources, a firm, sturdy surface that stands up to some of the most rigorous wear, and a lifespan that makes it all worth your while. From kitchens to living rooms to bedrooms, it goes wonderfully with a wide variety of decor and fits right in with many trends in the flooring world. More than that, though, it’s likely to meet every need and requirement you have for your floors.

At Jeter's Carpet & Flooring, we offer an extensive selection of flooring materials, giving you an excellent variety when customizing your own look. Our flooring associates are professional, friendly, and well equipped to assist you in every area of your floor shopping adventure. When you visit our showroom in Richmond, VA, you’ll find out how dedicated we truly are to complete customer satisfaction, as we have been for the entire Richmond area for many years now. We endeavor to continue that streak for many future generations by making sure you get the best product for your specific needs.

Amazing benefits are available in laminate flooring

One of the nicest benefits you’ll find in laminate flooring is its ability to mimic a variety of all natural flooring materials. You’ll find products that look like ceramic & porcelain tile, all natural stone, and solid hardwood, along with all the variety that goes along with them. From textures to extensive variation in colors and patterns, you’ll love the way any choice matches every decor option. You’ll even see genuine looking grout lines that add to the appearance of the real thing.

Laminate is sturdy and offers an excellent surface for walking. It can help to even out previously uneven surfaces in your floor and can be installed over a variety of subfloors and existing floor coverings. With a click and lock installation method, this gives you a floating floor, which sometimes produces an unwanted “click” when walked on. This can easily be rectified by asking that an underlayment be installed just underneath the main flooring. In addition to quieting those unwanted noises, it also gives a bit of resilience and comfort as well.

For even more amazing benefits of laminate, feel free to speak with your flooring associate for more details.

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