Getting Started

Before you come to the store

Step 1

Decide on the areas that need new flooring. If re-carpeting your whole house isn’t feasible at this time, normally the highest traffic areas are completed first.

Step 2

Decide on a budget and apply for our Mohawk Financing.  Knowing what you can spend ahead of time helps to make the process easier by enabling us to focus on getting you the best quality flooring for your money.   Fill out a credit application here.

Step 3 (optional)

Take a few measurements of the room(s).  Measure the farthest opposing points on the length and the width of the room.  If you bring in measurements, or a diagram, we can give you a rough estimate for flooring and installation once you arrive at the store and make a couple selections.

Visit our Showroom

Look and touch:

Please feel free to just come in and browse.  There’s no rush and no pressure.

Get info:

You will probably have some questions; we can describe the differences between one floor and the next to help us determine the best quality of flooring based on your needs.

Make a selection:

Now that you’ve decided on the areas, created a budget, seen everything, and learned about the products, you can pick out a floor with which we can provide an installed price.

Schedule a measurement:

Even if you have brought us yours, we would still prefer to look at your areas and take our own measurements.  While there, we also check for squeaks or soft spots that indicate a water leak, wall and door trims, discuss furniture removal, and any other elements that may alter the type of flooring needed or the preferred method of install.  There is no fee for this, so why not let us look to make sure we get it done right?  Schedule Your Measurement Now.

Finalize the sale

Get a total price:

We will provide you with a final total after you select your new floor covering and we have seen and measured your area.   Even now, we can alter your estimate however you like.  We may add or remove a room, change the flooring product, or you may decide to move your furniture and dispose of your existing carpet and pad.   What ever you would like to adjust in your estimate, we can alter accordingly and then provide you with a new price.

Make a deposit:

Upon making a final decision, we require a deposit of 50% of your total.  With receipt of the deposit, we then proceed to the next steps of processing any special orders and scheduling the installation.  


Please be sure all your personal items are removed from the areas we will be working including hanging pictures, remove all electronics, clear our the bottom of your closets and remove bed linens.  If you have chosen to move your furniture, make sure the areas are completely free of all items prior to our arrival.  

Once your installation is complete, the lead mechanic will walk through with you to inspect the area.  When all is completed to your satisfaction, please sign the work order and your balance is now due.  The installer will be glad to transport your payment to the store for you, or you may call in your credit card information.

Enjoy your new floor!