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Important information about area rugs

Area rugs can add just the extra zing you’re looking for to accent your decor or interior design. They can also be worth a great deal when placed over brand new flooring, providing the protection you might not have previously thought possible. Offering a striking array of versatile colors, designs, fibers, and backing materials, you can personalize your look, your way, no matter which result you’re after. The truth is, these pieces have come a long way from the days of simply being tossed in front of the shower or front door.

At Jeter's Carpet & Flooring, we offer a vast selection of floor coverings, services tailor-made for your specific need, and associates who are friendly and attentive for the length of your visit. In our Richmond, VA showroom, you’ll find the latest trends, greatest styles, and competitive pricing on all of it. There’s no better place in Richmond to find all your flooring needs met, so visit when you’re in the area. You’ll find everything you need and more as we strive, as always, to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Area rugs and what they have to offer

Many people find the addition of area rugs incredibly beneficial on hard surface floorings such as hardwood or tile. It’s not out of the ordinary, though, to find them placed atop carpet either. In spaces where hard surface flooring rules, these pieces can add excellent noise reduction. It’s quieter when you walk on it and can reduce echo as well. You’ll hear the difference immediately, even if you thought nothing of the noise level to start with.

Just as carpet provides an amazing underfoot softness, area rugs can do the same thing. While it can make a huge difference in the wear your floors undergo on any given day, it can do just as much for your body. Walking on hard surface flooring impacts your joints and muscles, and these rugs can absorb much of the abuse, leaving you feeling better after only a few days.

Contrary to what most people believe to be true about carpet fibers such as those found in area rugs; these pieces can actually help rid the air of allergens instead of filling it with them. You see, the fibers trap dirt, dander, and pollen, and when you take those up to have them cleaned, they are permanently disposed of, leaving everyone in the house to breathe easier.

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